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Innovation Management Software

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"BrainBank enabled us to reach all of our stakeholders, helping us make well-founded recommendations for the future organization of successful Olympic Games."
Richard W. Pound, Chairman, Olympic Games Study Commission


Innovation management needs more than just ideas; it requires knowledge and best practices to motivate participants to engage at all levels of your innovation process. Learn how human dynamics and organizational preparedness play a pivotal role in innovation success.

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Major barriers to business innovation

Lack of resources

Lack of time

Lack of budget

Lack of process

BrainBank’s software helps accelerate the innovation process within your organization by letting you manage the best ideas and increasing your ROI.

Innovation Management leads to

Engaged employees, Cross functional alignment, Revenue Generation, Top Line Growth, New Market opportunity, Cost reduction and process improvements Quotes on idea management benefits 13% improvement in employee engagement 24% Decrease in employee turnover 4% Top line growth

SaaS or On-Premise installation BrainBank's flexible architecture allows you to decide.
BrainBank's IdeaLink software incorporates best of breed tools, coupled with our 16 years of innovation management experience making BrainBank the premier Innovation Management software in the global marketplace

Enabling a complete end-to-end innovation process that efficiently handles ideation to implementation.
Manage the innovation life cycle with a platform that increases your innovation pipeline.
Create engagement and improve employee awareness for innovation initiatives.
Significantly reduce the idea collection and evaluation time to enable faster speed to market for new ideas and innovations.
Create an environment for shared engagement.

Firms using idea management systems see productivity gains of an average of 12.5%.

- Forbes

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The case for open collaboration on a cloud based application: Encourages sharing, captures knowledge, enables action and empowers people.