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Innovation Management Software

Any device, anywhere, anytime

SaaS or On-premise: You decide

“BrainBank enabled us to reach all of our stakeholders, helping us make well-founded recommendations for the future organization of successful Olympic Games.”
Richard W. Pound, Chairman, Olympic Games Study Commission
Duncan Hawthorne, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bruce Power
Lowell McAdam, CEO Verizon
Rian Cain, Senior Vice President Haier America


Innovation management needs more than just ideas; it requires knowledge and best practices to motivate participants to engage at all levels of your innovation process. Learn how human dynamics and organizational preparedness play a pivotal role in innovation success.

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Generate greater ideas faster

Automate all of your tasks and processes giving you more time to innovate

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Innovation Software


The all-in-one innovation management software

With the power of IdeaLink innovation software you can engage your users to capture new ideas, develop an innovation process while improving your operational performance within your organization, tap into new markets and reduce your costs. Listen to the collective knowledge of your stakeholders to unleash your organization’s next big idea.
  • Find out what will be your next big idea, faster, while growing your innovation pipeline

  • Improve your organization’s performance by learning quicker about trends

  • Make smarter decisions that will lead to a competitive advantage

What are your stakeholders saying about your brand, what opportunities lay within your community; find out instantly. BrainBank innovation software gives you the ability to target the best opportunities which offer the greatest potential from a single platform. Listen, engage and deliver

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innovation management software


Create a community of action

Collaborate with your user community in a dynamic way to better understand what drives them. Engage with your audience to implement faster and drive greater results.
  • Collaborate directly with employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders

  • Accelerate the collaborative projects within your organization

  • Transform the workplace by empowering employees to connect with subject matter experts and the information they need when they need it

  • Build deeper relationships with multiple stakeholders

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The idea management agility, clear communication that drives results

BrainBank’s idea management software gives you the ability to manage all your communities thru simple admin dashboards. Manage ideas effectively and automate redundant tasks to maximize your time on innovating.
  • From ideation to implementation we have you covered

  • Idea ranking tools that help make better decisions

  • Engagement strategies that are personalized and configured to your needs

  • Connect interactions from any channel or device using data-driven intelligence

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Idea Management Software


Analytics that provide clear solutions

Capitalize on the data you want in real time. Collect important information about your campaigns and draw analysis from multiple communities in one quick step. Now anyone can get insight on what they need and want. Giving you the ability to make better decisions faster.
  • Access and crunch data in real time, on any device, anywhere

  • Customize reports to match your strategic and operational needs

  • Meet all business needs with flexibility and configurability

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